With the Christmas around the corner, getting a puppy for Christmas as a gift for yourself or your kids is a noble idea. However, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself before taking a final decision on getting a puppy for Christmas. These questions will afford you the opportunity to take a well-thought decision.

1.     Can you afford to own a puppy?

You need to be sure of being financially capable to own a puppy. The expenses attached to owning a puppy does not stop with merely purchasing her; grooming, vaccinations, feeding and insurance cost a lot too.

2.     Have you ever owned a puppy?

Consider your previous experience of owning a puppy. Was it good or bad? Were you able to cope well with the puppy? Were you able to cater for the mental, emotional and physical needs of the puppy? The answers to these questions will be pointers to what you would likely experience when you get a puppy for Christmas.

3.     Are other members of your family ready to cater for a puppy?

If you stay in an apartment with other people, you must be sure others will be comfortable staying around your puppy. If they are unwilling to welcome a puppy into the household, it is better to forgo getting a puppy for Christmas.

4.     Do you have time to take care of and train her?

Puppies are inexperienced, young and needy; hence, time must be dedicated to training and taking care of them. You need to be certain you will be able to create enough time for the training and care of the puppy before getting her for Christmas.

5.     Is your home comfortable for accommodating a puppy?

Although puppies do not require large space to grow, there are certain breeds of dogs that like playing around the house. If you are getting one of such breeds, it is important to consider how spacious your home is for your new puppy. You also need to be sure there are no poisonous substances around your home that could injure the puppy.

6.     Will your lifestyle accommodate a puppy?

Do you stay out too often? How many hours do you spend at work each day? Do you receive lots of visitors regularly? Are you physically and mentally capable of taking care of a puppy? These are just some of questions about your lifestyle you must answer before getting a puppy. In case your lifestyle is not accommodating to a puppy, it is wise to forget about getting a puppy for Christmas. You can, however, bring her home if you are ready to change your lifestyle.

7.     Is anybody in your household allergic to dogs?

While many people may not take note of this, dog dander can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, you must be absolutely sure that nobody is at risk because of your desire to bring a puppy home for Christmas.

If you can sufficiently and sincerely answer the aforementioned questions, making a decision about getting a puppy for Christmas will never cause you, your household or new puppy any problem as the decision taken will be a product of a reasonable conclusion.

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