Grass litter boxes have become extremely popular amongst dog owners, giving rise to a market full of different designs that each display their own approach to a dog’s potty needs. Amongst these is the Rascal Dog Litter Box that approaches a dog’s potty needs with its own set of qualities.

One of the more unique characteristics is the sides which can be good, or can be bad. While its primary design is to stop urine and any other mess that can happen if a dog doesn’t mount the potty properly from getting out. While it does force your dog to get in and stay in the potty, it also leaves your dog with the option of walking through the front opening and tracking through their old potty or hopping over the side and either splashing or stepping in their previous droppings. This feature seems to be a little over-done, especially when compared to the Porch Potty design in which the sides raise enough to prevent any mess from escaping while allowing your dog to enter wherever they desire to avoid tracking through previous messes.

Perhaps the most limiting of characteristics is that it’s only designed for up to 35 pound dogs and up to 24×24 inches of room for their “Big Squirt” option. This product seems to focus on smaller inside dogs, rather than appeal to a more versatile nature. Compared to this, Porch Potty designed its potty unit in sizes appropriate for dogs of all sizes and can hold up to 140 pounds.

Of course, the biggest advantage that Porch Potty’s design holds is its maintenance and easy cleaning features. The self-maintaining system keeps natural grass clean and healthy and synthetic grass free of debris. The Rascal has to be flushed out much like the classic cat litter box would, making it more of a challenge to keep it smelling fresh and clean.

While the Rascal has its own special design, and can be good in certain situations, the Porch Potty is by far a more versatile and reliable design that any dog can appreciate in the house or on the porch.

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