Unfortunately for your pup, you are finding it very difficult to take them for their daily walk. Though they once enjoyed the experience, you are no longer able get around well enough to help them with their needs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of them anymore. There are new innovative ways for you to continue to ensure your pup’s care and keep them happy so that they can keep you happy.


photoSo what are willing you do if you can no longer walk your pup? If you are limited to a wheelchair, this task can still be managed. Instead of walking- roll along with your pup. Some people have tried to use their vehicle, but that would be strongly not recommended as it is dangerous for you and your pup.

If you can’t get around easily, consult with a neighbor, or check out some companies that will take care of your pup’s needs such as walking, feeding and even bathing.

Eating and drinking

This is something that is very important for your pup. Consider investing in a “reach and grab” device so that you can get to your pup’s food and water bowls. If you use dry food, instead of struggling with the large bag, use a cup to get food out. It would also be a good idea to find some self-dispensing bowls for your pup, to eliminate the need to constantly refill them.

Potty time

As for potty time- you may look into a grass litter box. They are easily maintainable and offer your pup a piece of the yard inside the house without all the mess. Your pup can experience the convenience of indoor plumbing (something we all take for granted). There are a few brands out there, so do some research before you make a purchase to ensure that you get the one you will need.

Going to the vet

What about the importance of a checkup? This can be overlooked if you can’t get around easily. You may consult with a helpful neighbor, or you can call a vet that offers to do house-calls. Your pup’s health is important, so make sure they still get their regular checkups.

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