Chelsea sat and waited for her companion to open the door. She could hear the keys jingling on the other side, informing her of Sam’s imminent arrival. The door opened, and in walked her faithful friend. Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t as excited to see her friend as Chelsea was. A mess was sitting there, soaking into the hallway rug. Sam did what seemed right to her, and reprimanded Chelsea for the mess. Although she knew what it was, Chelsea didn’t quite comprehend the meaning of her discipline. Hours ago, she had relieved herself inside just like she usually does. Except this time, it wasn’t behind the couch.

photoBut, this is the way things have gone for months now. Chelsea uses the carpet as a toilet, and when Sam gets home, Chelsea gets in trouble. Unfortunately, it only made the potty problem worse, since Chelsea figured that Sam was just mad. She didn’t understand that Sam didn’t want her going potty inside the house. After all, the scent was already there, so she figured that the carpet was for going potty.

When she got outside, it was just playtime a far as Chelsea was concerned. It was time to romp around and play with the insects in the yard. It didn’t really occur to her that it was actually potty time.

Sam, unsure of what to do, finally decided that Chelsea was going to keep going inside the house. With her late hours keeping her from frequently checking in on Chelsea to let her loveable, yet troublesome, pup to let her out. She had seen ads for the Porch Potty come across as she surfed the web, and decided that an indoor potty would definitely make it a little easier for Chelsea to potty during the long work days.

When Chelsea discovered her new potty, she was relieved to find a good spot for her business. The grass tickled her paws when she used it. And quite frankly, she didn’t like going on the floor, especially when things got messy. It felt weird going on the rug, and since Sam didn’t seem to care much for poop on the floor, it was better to put it all in one spot. The nice thing is that Sam seemed to like it when Chelsea used the inside box- especially since it wasn’t in that hard to get to spot behind the couch anymore.

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